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Drew #26 - The First Six Months
Published on
Jul 30, 2020
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In this episode...

This week, Doug and Meredith reflect on the first six months of the podcast as we reach the end of season one with Drew. In the session, you’ll hear clips from a few recent sessions with Doug and Drew hitting the six month mark of their work. Drew shares his thoughts about the podcast coming out and his perspectives after hearing the first episode. In the breakdown, Doug and Mer wrap it up and look forward to the next season of Drew picking up right where we left off - and the wedding only a month away!


Kenzie Jenest
Bonnie Rae

Bonnie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles. She is an instructor for graduate students in the LGBT Specialization Psychology program at Antioch University. Although her specialty is working with the LGBTQ community and people in the entertainment industry, she also assists clients in managing and/or overcoming anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, painful relationship patterns, creative blocks, co-dependency, love and sex addiction, issues with intimacy and low self-esteem.

Bonnie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emerson College and a Masters in Clinical Psychology degree from Antioch University with a specialization in LGBT psychology.

Doug Friedman

Doug Friedman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has spent nearly 20 years working with adults, adolescents and families with issues ranging from depression and anxiety to substance abuse, bipolar disorder and PTSD. He has supervised a program at a community mental health agency that serves severely emotionally disturbed youth and their families in Los Angeles. He continues to provide clinical supervision to therapists and associates in his private group practice, Clear Mind Full Heart in Los Angeles.

Doug received a Masters in Social Work from The Catholic University of America and a BA in Study of Religion from UCLA. Before becoming a psychotherapist, Doug worked for a music management company that oversaw bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, and Bonnie Raitt. Doug is also the artist and songwriter behind all the music heard on the podcast.

Meredith Levy

Meredith Levy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California and holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Over the last ten years she has worked with many different populations, and feels most at home working in addiction, personality disorders and mood disorders. Meredith specializes in Dialectical
Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Meredith worked with inner-city youth as a bi-lingual therapist for the Department of Mental Health in Los Angeles County. Not only has Meredith worked at a variety of different drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout California, she was also the co- founder of a large treatment facility in Northern California.

Meredith's extensive education and background as an attorney and an MBA gives her a unique perspective and a fresh approach to elevating personal growth. In addition, she is a certified yoga instructor and believes that the spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of the self are important components of the therapeutic process.

Key Takeaways

[0:23] Doug and Meredith talk about pretty nails and update us on their Words With Friends rivalry.

[6:55] It’s been six months since the podcast started and a good time to reflect on the process and progress.

And a special shout out to the posse working on the podcast with Doug behind the scenes - Nina Pollock, our sound engineer and Ger Simpson, our designer and web guru. And a big thanks to Abbey Howe for being our social media genius!

[12:30] Doug reads a moving Instagram post by @adamrunsnyc, (who is unrelated to the show but spits some serious wisdom). Adam shared a recent revelation about opening up to his therapist on a deep level in a session after two years of working with her!

[14:40] Clips from sessions begin 

Clip 1 - Drew hasn’t heard the podcast yet and is looking forward to the new perspective it might give. Especially since he went from being focused on his relationship with his girlfriend to being able to look at bigger issues.

Drew’s not sure if he wants to tell friends about the podcast.

Doug breaks it down into three levels of listening to it. 

1) Him personally, and their work in sessions.

2) The masses (you guys!!) and what strangers will say and think about it.

[19:00] Doug shares with Drew that they already reached one person - he reads a message from someone in production.

3) His close circle of family and friends.

[21:17] Clip 2 & 3 – After Drew hears the first episode, he and Doug talk about how his perspective has changed in how he sees himself and some of his relationships.

[26:26] Clip 4 - Drew and Doug talk Clear Mind Full Heart

Drew says he is going into his next phase of life now with a clear mind, full heart. Doug explains how Clear Mind Full Heart became the name of his practice and a way of life.

[31:58] Clips of sessions end. Breakdown begins

Doug and Meredith break down Drew’s experience over the first six months of therapy, and his experience listening to himself on the podcast as it was about to launch.

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Special Thanks:

Nina Pollock, our sound engineer and Ger Simpson, our designer and web guru. And a big thanks to Abbey Howe for being our social media genius!

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