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Not a self-help podcast.
But help yourself to whatever you get here.

Your Mental Breakdown is a psychotherapy, entertainment based podcast hosted by licensed therapist Doug Friedman. It’s not a self-help podcast, although you’re welcome to help yourself to whatever you get here. You get to follow a client throughout the process of therapy and listen to what happens in real sessions from day one. You also get a breakdown from the hosts after each session.

Doug started this podcast with longtime friend and fellow licensed therapist Meredith Levy, in part to demystify and destigmatize what it is to be in therapy – and to be a therapist. They’re giving you a glimpse of how therapists sound outside the office… and also what it sounds like inside the office in real sessions with a real client. You’ll get to join the process as it’s happening in real time - because therapy doesn’t happen in soundbites, it happens in real life.

After each client session, you’ll hear Doug and a co-host break it down so you can better understand what’s going on, why it’s going on, what they’re thinking, and how maybe you can apply the stuff they talk about to your own life.

And they love hearing from you, so please feel free to send in your questions, comments and anecdotes.

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And here’s the disclaimer - although Doug and his co-hosts are  licensed psychotherapists, they are not your therapist. They are your hosts for this podcast. They hope to entertain you and maybe inform you a bit about mental health issues. If you are interested in seeking therapy or getting help for yourself or someone you know, we encourage you to reach out to some of the resources listed in our detailed show notes on the Episodes page. And let’s keep the conversation about mental health going...

Meredith Levy
Meredith Levy
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